Platinum Consort - Bach Christmas Oratorio

"One other name to look out for, though, is Rebecca Lea. Her soprano voice is at the other end of the spectrum, pure and clear, with remarkable versatility and agility..... her solos were amongst the most satisfying of the evening"

Gavin Dixon, Seen and Heard International, 20.12.2013

Review of Anythony Burgess' 'The Wasteland', Psappha, 02.2014

Radius Ensemble: La voix humaine,  Purcell Room

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know Poulenc's La voix humaine before this evening, but Rebecca Lea's quite stunning performance has made me desperate to see it again as soon as possible......
he, by turns, is simpering, kittenish, enraged, desperate and pleading. It’s an exhaustingly rich role, portrayed by Lea brilliantly and without let-up

Tim Rutherford-Johnson, The Rambler, 23.09.2010 Rebecca in 'La Voix'

The success or failure of La voix humaine rests almost entirely on the shoulders of the solo soprano, and Rebecca Lea gave what I can only describe as one of the finest performances I’ve ever witnessed on stage. Hers was no mere act; she had fully become the character of Elle, and I found myself completely drawn into her claustrophobic world. At the work's culmination, the conversation—& with it, everything else—brought to an end, i couldn't help but share Lea's devastation & tears; it was a simply astounding performance. “

Simon Cummings, 5:4, 26.09.2010

"It is quite beautifully sung by Rebecca Lea... A solo piece which is extremely demanding on the performer with three-quarters of an hour of high emotion she had no recourse to obvious histrionics but maintained an intensity of feeling that held the audience..."

Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide

Re:Sound: Battles Within and Without

The standout moment was the lamento, sung exquisitely by co-director Rebecca Lea despite no small amount of physical effort diverted to the fluid, pained physicality of the dramatisation.”

Steve Jackson, Sounds of the Engine House, 13.05.2012


Manchester Camerata: Berio Folksongs

"Rebecca Lea and Manchester Camerata's interpretation of Berio's aforementioned folk songs was

Review: Go See This, 26.03.2011

"expertly sung by soprano Rebecca Lea"

Manchester Camerata, 23.03.2010


Northern Sinfonia: Judith Weir The Consolations of Scholarship

"Rebecca Lea played all the parts convincingly, bringing out the story with great expression"

Jane Shuttleworth, Bachtrack, 28.03.2011

Re:Sound: Into the Woods
"Considerable theatrical storytelling skill and invention, as well as exceptional ensemble singing.  A tribute to the commitment, talent and brio of the whole company. There were many stand out moments in an evening of superb singing and characterisation.........equally moving were Rebecca Lea's big number "Moments in the Woods" as the Baker's Wife after her 2nd Act dalliance with the Prince...."

 British Theatre Guide, February 2011


 Buxton Festival Fringe Recital

"Soprano Rebecca Lea shows an impressive vocal range which conveys the joy of Rameau's Accourez riante jeunesse, the despair of Mozart's Ach, ich fühl's, and the indignation of Bolcolm's Over the Piano with great emotional truth. She has, moreover, a very confident stage presence, and is in as much command of her gesture, posture and facial expressions as she is of her voice."

Barbara Wilson 08.08


Metta Theatre: The Elephant's Child ,  Arcola Theatre Rebecca in The Elephant's Child

"But children will be entranced most of all by the lilting soprano of Rebecca Lea, as the eponymous smallelephant. Lea. She deserves to earn plenty of attention from music buffs over the next few years."

Kate Maltby, New Culture Forum


 Ripon Cathedral: Messiah
"But special mention must be made of the solo soprano Rebecca Lea, who sang not only with great style but also with effortless technical assurance and immense musicianship."

PS, Northern Echo

Chester Cathedral:  St John Passion

“...... The other soloists were all good, but perhaps I could specially mention the heart-breaking purity of Rebecca Lea’s final aria lamenting Jesus’s death.

Valerie Pedler, Chester Chronicle, 04.12


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